Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Love At First Bid

I am infatuated. With my eBayed Givenchy shoes. Bought on a whim at a major discount. Mind you, a rich bitch I am not. Case in point: I pulled a Carrie Bradshaw and bought some £6 Primark trainers to go with my Givenchy shoes. I figured it would be a good investment. Cough cough. Mom, please don't kill me when you read this.

Le shoes posing on my desk with the Boots Basics Natural Hold hairspray doing a cameo in the background.

Note to self: Pedicures. Do them more often.

A close up of the leather threading on the side of the shoe:

Even though I have little brown and beige in my wardrobe, I feel like these babies will go with just about anything. Plus they fit like a glove and are surprisingly comfy, although I have yet to really break them in, but judging the buttery soft leather, that won't be too hard.

1 comment:

  1. ich will auch!!! Sind sehr geil deine schuhe!
    freu mich auf dich an weihnachten!
    beso laula


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