Sunday, 26 September 2010

Jason Wu Spring 2011

Take your everyday office essentials, make them sheer, sophisticated and sexy and there you have Wu's collection in a nutshell. Okay so the cobalt blue gown isn't office attire, but ye know, it's pretty.

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Musings Of An Unintellectual Mind

About 400 posts on Bloglovin' and a bazillion shows to look at. Am I the only one who finds it difficult to stay on top of Fashion Week? 
So much stuff so little time. Sometimes I wish I could work robotically 24 hours a day. Would make things a bit more manageable.
My choice of fuel would be either this...

 ...or this.

The only problem is that Fuel A would make me end up looking like this:

and Fuel B like this:

Sorry Nick Nolte, but you gotta pull it together man. Or at least wash your hair.

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Slam Bam Thank You Stam

Okay, I stole that line form a House of Holland T-shirt. Here some pics of Jessica Stam in Canadian Fashion's February issue, photographed by Derek Kettela and styled by Tammy Eckenswiller. Yeah the clothes ain't spectacular but she is effing gorgeous.

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Have been thinking about this look from Pretty Woman lately. I love how she just throws on a Richard's shirt over her tie-dye bodycon dress and suddenly looks a million times classier. I haven't found a similar bodycon tie-dye skirt but then again maybe  I shouldn't be taking my fashion inspiration from prostitutes...although I do like that so crazy it's bad but so bad it's almost good again thing. Plus this is fairly tame (who else though that Pretty Woman was a glamourised and way too sugar-coated representation of our fellow ladies who have to work the boardwalk?). Sorry, I'm letting my pseudo-politician/feminist side get the best of me again.

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Miss Magdalena

Magdalena Frackowiak in March’s Numéro issue, photographed by Greg Kadel and styled by Brian Molloy.

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Bonjour, Isabeli Fotana

Apparently I have a bunch of drafts in my Blogger account, which I feel like I might have already posted or forgotten about or posted and forgotten about. The brain is in Sunday mood.
 An editorial from the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar Russia. Styled by Natalia Alaveridan and photographed by Marcin Tyszka.

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Friday, 24 September 2010

The Fashion And The Cigarette

Inspired by today's first official uni class of my second year (which by the way was terrifying due to the huge workload I will be facing now) and my visit to London Fashion Week, today that little charming cigarette crossed my mind.
I started smoking when I was about 13 and have been quitting on and off since I was about 16. 
Let me tell you, it's not easy. Somehow the ability to force all of the health scares of cig bums into oblivion is quite easy.
And Marlboros/Camel/Brand X is de jour on the fashion scene.
Here a possible explanation:
A. Stress relief. Major factor for me. Lighting up a cigarette on the balcony is the perfect way for me to think things over.
B. It looks cool. You may be shaking your head in disbelief, but come on, it does.
C. It helps you maintain your weight. Duuuhhh that's why models smoke. No need for food when you can chew on an ashtray. Although I think this is a reason why a lot of women hesitate to quit because of the dooming five pounds they could gain.

So far I am a few weeks into quitting. The longest I have been able to do it is 1.5 years. 
But it's so easy to light up again. Quitting feels like a punishment and denying myself a simple pleasure. Which sounds so logical, because cancer, heart disease, bad breath and an empty wallet are such enjoyable things.
I curse the day I met you Marlboro reds.

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