Sunday, 5 September 2010

I Can't Think Of A Title Right Now.

Okay so I know I'm kinda spamming up the Editorial Gawker folder right now, but I will be going into semi hiatus mode soon (see a couple of posts below for the reason), so therefore I am posting a lot in one go and in a rather uncreative matter. Sorry folks. A working girl does what she can.
Anyway to conclude the accidental "all my favourite models who I solely post here non stop" rant, Miss Stone.
Lensed by Mert & Marcus and styled by Carine "I am so stylish I make Wintour look like a popsicle stick in a Primark dress"  Roitfeld for Vogue Paris March 2008. But considering how many smoking models are featured in her mag, I was surprised to learn that Roitfeld herself doesn't smoke. The French cliche has been destroyed my dear friends. Hmmm cigarettes...sorry I am just quitting and dreaming of Marlboro reds. Damn those addictive deathly sticks of tobacco.

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