Wednesday, 28 October 2009


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Don't know the artist or picture title, but I love the colour combinations.


I love this outfit, especially the degradé tights.

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A girl's gotta have her accessories and shoes.....

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Monday, 26 October 2009 Part One

Thinking of that ABBA song with the lyrics: all the things i could do....if I had a little money. it's a rich man's world.
I have officially fallen victim to the capitalist consumerism society that is my generation. Meh.

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Muse #19

The newest issue of Muse is dedicated to Natasha Poly, so basically every editorial is solely Natasha. If you ask me, this should be done more often (one for Sasha P., Lara Stone and Gemma Ward would be awesome, hint hint). I love seeing how alterable one model can be and how many roles she can portray. I really need to get this issue!

Natasha by Ricardo Tisci:


Totally badass. Love the Swarovski pout and soft lighting.

Natasha by Terry Richardson:

Very 80s porno star meets Dolly Parton.

Natasha by David Sherry:




Natasha by David Hamilton:

I only posted two pics of the editorial because there was a lot of nudity and I didn't want to show too much on my blog, although the pictures are insanely beautiful. Definitely worth checking out.

Natasha by Craig McDean:

Dark, oiled demon. Love it.

Natasha by Fabio Raineri:

Clean lines but not in the least bit boring.

Natasha by Sølve Sundsbø:

Modern-day super geisha.

Natasha by Yelena Yemchuk:

I really like the black/grey + bright colour combination.

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