Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Talons,Teacups And Chains

I decided I desperately needed to fill up my jewellery drawer, which FYI is full of gifts and H&M stuff aka I am not a big splurger when it comes to accessories.
 Having had a 15 percent off coupon from ASOS land in my e-mailbox (P.S. I saved a whopping 90 pence) and a current clearance going on at said online store, I knew what to do.
So off and away I threw myself into the perils of online shopping, my strongest weakness at the moment (but we'll get into that never...I mean later). Still I was able to step away relatively unscathed with the following items:

A silver talon ring, my cheapie version of Pamela Love's pieces. I really want to get a raven claw necklace as well.

A Disney Alice in Wonderland teacup and spoon golden ring. So cute and reduced to £8 from £17, how could I say no?

An Oasis silver multi chain necklace. Basic yet cool and good for sprucing up my boring ol' tee shirts.

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