Monday, 30 August 2010

No More Kate Moss For Topshop?

According to this source, yes. A little wowed at first, but then again she has done 14 collections for them, the last of which I didn't find that extraordinary.
 I say bring on more designer collaborations, at better prices please! 
£150 for a flimsy knitted dress by Mark Fast? And yes I know a lot of work must have gone into it, but when I tried this number on it felt like it could have cost £15.
What are your thoughts on the Topshop's collabs? Who would you like to see design some high street pieces?
I'll go first: Nicholas Kirkwood for shoes, Alexander Wang or Proenza Schouler for handbags, and Rick Owens for clothes. Not that there aren't a million other designers I would love to be able to afford, but I feel like the aforementioned aesthetics could easily be translated into high street wear. In terms of material, time spent on each garment and details, some things (i.e. Chanel, Celine, Lanvin) cannot be done cheaply without largely loosing their appeal. Especially when you're talking about a designer who is very dependent on fabrics, such as Pheobe Philo's new minimalism look, without the ├╝ber-finest in leathers, silks, etc. it would look bad. Sucks though for us cash strapped mortals.

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