Sunday, 1 August 2010

Air(port) Wear

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As I lugged my heavy suitcase through Heathrow yesterday evening, to the delight of my back and spine, I thought a bit about outfit possibilities for when flying. 

Now we all know that the Victoria B.'s and Dita v. T.'s of this world may fly in high heels and sheath dresses, but let's face it, neither one of them has to lug their Samsonite onto coaches, tubes or taxis, hell I doubt they even carry their own suitcases. 
All that ranting about the rich and fabulous aside, I think that one does not have to resort to sweatpants, hoodies and the rattiest pair of sneakers in the back of the closet. Although it does feel pretty nice to do that every now and then. 
But I like to seize the opportunity of the "special occasion" (I fly coach and am scared of flying, but hey) and at least put a little effort into my outfit.
Without further a-due, a little compilation of tips I think are good to keep in mind.

The Regular Joe's Guide to Travel Wear

1. Flat shoes- Brogues, ballerinas, sandals if it's very warm and in some cases even a pair of nice and sleek looking sneakers will do the trick (but don't pull out your gym trainers). Yes heels look fabulous, but with all that walking, schlepping and hustling, they're a pain in the ass.

2. Accessories- Keep to a minimum. A nice watch, necklace, scarf or stud earrings. Anything else such as ghetto hoops or layers and layers of junk will be annoying during security check and may get caught in the strap of your over-the-shoulder bag.

3. Clothing- Look for something comfortable yet stylish. A pair of jeans, a tee tailored shirt and a blazer are easy to wear but not sloppy. Or my personal favourite: black leggings or tights, a comfy dress out of cotton or slinky silk, with a cardigan and blazer on top. On the subject of jackets, make sure you have an extra little something to keep you warm during the Arctic voyage that is a plane ride, be it a scarf or the aforementioned cardi. Layers are essential.

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