Saturday, 7 August 2010

The Downside Of Digital

It's insane how quickly one can feel out of date after a few weeks of little Internet. Everything is moving so fast that only the extremely dedicated can keep up. There's always some new It thing, band or brand. In some ways I get a nostalgic longing for the decades when things weren't such a technological frenzy. Then again if I would ever switch due to some logic-defying tricks, I would get bored, and without innovation we would never move forward, but sometimes it feels like a little much. Maybe it's because I have to use it so much as well in my field of study and other stuff and I am not screaming ban the Internet, I just sometimes think living more "laid back" as in the past would have its perks as well.
Now in case you're wondering why I am babbling on like a Luddite, I have to explain my rambling by a trio of past fashion and images I adore, although I have many more.

Mia Farrow in The Great Gatsby: Beautiful 1920s costumes designed mostly by Ralph Lauren, an interesting plot, a handsome Robert Redford and Farrow's beauty make this one of my favourite older movies. I couldn't find enough images online to do the beauty of this film justice, so I suggest watching it instead.

Anything by Cristobal Balenciaga or Hubert de Givenchy: masters in grace and elegance (god that sounds like straight out of some stuffy fashion catalogue but it is true. The above dresses are from 1954 and 1955 and I still find them stunning. Do you think you'd still find the styles of now beautiful in 50 years? I think some yes, but a lot no. Back in the day there was so much glamour in everyday dressing, although I don't think I'll be trading my trainers in soon.

Audrey Hepburn, always. I do feel a bit "been there seen that" in posting about her because who doesn't love Audrey, but I couldn't help myself. Those doe eyes, big brows and statuesque beauty make her timeless.

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