Thursday, 23 December 2010

Shoe Lust

Typically female, my lust for shoes will never die. Just when I think to myself that my closet is overflowing (with 99 percent black) shoes, my eyes and heart set sight on a new pair. As these are the holidays, I am hoping that in some kind of act of Christmas spirit, one of these will arrive in a package on my doorstep *hint hint*. Okay that will probably never happen (although I hope it does) but hey at least I have a somewhat less random blog post on my hands.
First up, and I am so late on this that these boots aren't even available any more on Luisviaroma, who are having a F/W sale by the way, not that you can actually afford anything on there without a platinum/unrestricted credit card.
The Dsquared Nappa spine ankle boots. The heel says it all.

On to more practical footwear, I never thought I would see the day where I would be lusting after a pair of Doc Martens. I always found them a bit too clunky heeled/punkster for my taste (although I had my punk times back in the day of 'rebellious youth' but that would require too many hours of Freudian psychoanalysis).
But these beautifully pastel coloured (the mint green is my fave), patent croc leather and rounded/granny orthopedic heels have me looking at these babies in a new light. Thank you Susie Bubble, for restoring my fatih in love at first sight.

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