Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Christian Dior Spring 2011 Haute Couture

With the haute couture shows being the symbolic cherry on top of my fashion sundae, I couldn't resist posting.
The special aspect of this couture collection was John Galliano's inspiration for the pieces: longtime illustrator for the fashion house, Rene Gruau.
Having seen Gruau's work up close in the recent exhibition at the Somerset House, I have to say that I have rarely seen such a symbioses between fashion label and illustrator, with his drawn characters possessing such a timeless and elegant quality.

So how does this translate into a runway collection you might ask?
Galliano managed to capture the feminine beauty of Gruau's icons in form of a highly elegant feline creature in 1950s silhouettes and layer upon layer of fine fabric, bleeding into each other like soft watercolours on a canvas to form one beautiful picture.
Whenever Haute Couture Fashion Week rolls around, I realise why John is Galliano the Great.
No designer dares to go so over the top as he does and that's what J'adore Dior Couture for.


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