Friday, 20 November 2009

Azita Chiquita

Ah, where do I start on Azita? Well, first of all it's a store in Frankfurt that sells the like of A.P.C., Henrik Vibiskov and WoodWood. They also have an online store and are currently having a free shipping offer, which actually inspired this post.
To me, it was the store where I made first "designer" purchases and made me get all excited about lesser-known labels (although Vibskov has already enjoyed quite a bit of the limelight). It got me thinking "quality instead of quantity" and now I can understand why a certain piece of clothing might cost me twice or three times as much as something I could get in the H&M. Not to be bashing on the high street stuff though, I mean I am a student so I can't regularly drop hundreds of bucks/euros/pounds on one item. But still. the things that I bought there are the things that I truly cherish and that make me think "hey this is a special piece" when I wear them. And to me that is worth it.
Anyway here some of the stuff I am digging on their site.

Some Minimarket trousers and a Fabric Interseason blouse to satisfy the floral cravings I have been having forever.

Fabric Interseason blanket to snuggle up in and a lovely Reality Studio drapey top

Two awesome Reality Studio jackets in  just my kind of colour palette at the moment.

A nice cream-coloured Acne tank and a nice Henrik Vibskov top.

Loving these oatmeal and cream coloured pieces, screams comfortable to me. The two on the left are from A.P.C. the right top one is from Acne and the bottom right by Hernik Vibskov.

Your portion rockstar with an A.P.C rabbit fur jacket and a pair of shiny Acne trousers.

Loving Vibskov's drapey pieces a lot.

This Acne tee would be a great basic piece, me thinks.

And for the grande finale, I am loving this crazy Vibskov cardigan.

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