Tuesday, 10 November 2009


I feel like I am starting to develop a certain tights-buying-frenzy. I only have black opaque tights in my drawer, but thanks to Susie Bubble, I stumbled onto the website mytights.co.uk and ordered two pairs of opaque tights, one in red and one pair in blue, I really want to get them in a mint colour too though. Don't ask me why I have a sudden liking for mint colours, I blame it on that Jade nail polish from Chanel that's being praised everywhere.

I also took advantage of American Apparel's 30% off online sale on hoisery and socks. Been itching to get overknee socks ever since I saw them in Sex and the City (the movie) pictures from the set last year

Although I don't have SJP's enviable gams, I will try to wear these babies for all they're worth. I also got a pair of grey tights (been really feeling the grey colours lately, is that a bad sign?)

All images via google.com, americanapparel.co.uk and pamela-mann.co.uk

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