Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Shoe Phenomenon

I think I may have finally discovered the secret to our shoe obsession as females, drum roll please. 
Shoes always fit. Even if you gain a few pounds (or ten) here and there, your shoes will always fit. They won't leave you feeling pudgy, but instead and especially in the case of high heels, sexy as hell. Or dumb as an idiot who can't walk in them and ends up toppling over, but that's just an example, whistle whistle.
 Let's face it you can never have too many shoes in your closet. Just today I trekked down to Oxford Circus, for presents, not myself to be honest, yet I couldn't resist heading down into Topshop's shoe salon. Sigh. What a shoegasm. Too bad, they're all £60+. 
Is it just me or has Topshop become insanely overpriced? I look at the price tag of a little bag I couldn't even fit my wallet into...BOOM £30 to £40 (and don't even get me started on normal-sized bags, phew. WTF?!
Oh well, guess you have to either be filthy rich or splurge every now and then whilst trawling secondhand stores, markets or eBay instead. It's a tough life, I tell ya.
Anyway now for the picture part, if you were able to bear with my rambling words...

These babies would just go with anything. Although white leather is tricky to keep clean ggrrr.

Rrrreeedd. I do love myself a wedge, as I find them much easier to walk in and as RZ said every girl needs a red shoe to punch up her outfits colourwise.

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