Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Zink May 2010

The editorial "Black Magic" featuring Asia Bugajska was photogaphed by Julia Pogodina and styled by Newheart Ohanian.

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It reminds me of a similar one with Dree Hemingway I posted a while ago. Oh I do love those inky clouds in pictures, although I most say Dree's ed wins for me in this case. 
It leads me to think about dark lipstick as well. I recently bought one from MAC in the colour Cyber.

Image via

What do you think, StyleStudies readers? Is a dark dark lip colour goth chic or just plain freaky?
I have worn the colour out in daylight before but was a bit self conscious about what other people would think. It's weird how much the thoughts of others can influence us. Ah, the dilemma of being a quite shy person with a crazy taste in fashion and makeup. Doesn't mix all too well.

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