Saturday, 20 November 2010

Canyon Country

So besides watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer and 'researching' for uni aka doing 15 minutes max and then going onto Bloglovin', I thought I might make use of the day and post a little something for your guys.
When it comes to the fashion editorial spreads (which I overdo, I know) I do love myself a nice bit of scenery instead of the boring studio shoot, although it's obvious that for financial reasons not everybody can jet off to Magapitchu.
First case in point:
Romina Lanaro by Camilla Akrans for Flair's October 2007 issue, entitled Wild Wild West (not the Will Smith kind, thank God! Oooh remember the cheesy title song and the weird get-ups? Cringe).
An oldy but goody. Although I would not advise you to go en commando horse backriding unless you are into, uhm, chafing and I imagine Miss Model ended up with sand in some weird places. But that aside, beautiful pictures.

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