Saturday, 5 March 2011

Childhood Memory's Of Old Catalogues

Ah, who even knew that Delia's still existed?
Mind you, my fellow fashion friends will probably be weeping into their Topshop/Topman bags (we're not at Birkin's yet, honey) in agony upon me mentioning something so unhip.
But if there is one early fashion memory I have, it would have to be flicking through my sister's copy of the Delia's catalogue back when I lived in the U.S.
The cheesy photo-ops of the 'cool' girl dressed in peacoats for $49.99 and the beauty section where one could order lipgloss stacked towers (why aren't those made any more? Get on it asap Coty & Co.) would always satisfy my lust for short attention span entertainment on boring days. I never actually ordered anything being the cheapskate that I am (or rather was, unfortunately, but let's not get onto that...) and I don't really consider myself a catalogue kinda gal (slower than online buying without the experience of in store buying, double boo) but nonetheless, I thought I would tribute this particularly slow on my part Saturday night to the glory that was 90s catalogue buying.
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