Tuesday, 26 April 2011

You Can Take The Girl Out Of School, But You Can't Take The Schoolgirl Out Of The Woman

The lack of runway reports on my behalf are shockingly not due to laziness, but rather me being a selective little thing when it comes to which runway shows to look at. Because let's face it if you are a little fanatic like me, you will head over to style.com and click through every collection anyway.

 Speaking of new and unexpected reasoning, I am not banging on about Givenchy for the millionth time because it is one of my favourite labels (it is) but because I was very surprised at the look Ricardo Tisci delivered.

 My first reaction was : "Huh?" Naughty schoolgirl? Not very Givenchy...." But the PVC and leather sprinkled with ornamental prints and dashes of neon and kitty cats collection has grown on me.
Not that I am the hugest fan of the cat helmets, but the layering of mesh under PVC under leather got my little fashion head twirling.

Yes, layering might not be the safest option figure wise, but it is a lot of fun and especially if you are a bit colour lazy like myself, an interesting way to add texture to an otherwise more laid back look.
Conclusion: Once again, I am Tisci's little fashion slave.

All images via style.com

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