Thursday, 15 April 2010

ASOS Mid Season Sale Splendour

Did some online retail therapy at two in the morning a couple of nights ago. Thank god for returns policies, but hey, any sale sign justifies purchases in my little clothes hungry brain (although my credit card likes to disagree with me on that. Watch out for me on a street near you with no home but boxes full of clothes. Okay getting too pessimistic sorry). Here a little rundown of the bounty due to arrive on my doorstep today...

A Coming Soon by Yohji Yamamoto wool jersey turtleneck (such a labelwhore for anything with Comme, Yohji or Junya in its name).

Ever since seeing MK Olsen in this (Donna Karan I believe) blazer, I have been digging for a piece o' peachiness in the closet. 

And for 20 quid, got a nice knockoff from Vero Moda...

Hope it doesn't do that weird crinkle like in the above picture though. Moving on, does orange look good or bad on me? I'm bound to find out with not one but two Louise Amstrup silk pieces that I ordered.

Stocked up in the basics department with these tank dresses in nude and grey (the nude colour is a bit more pinkish than the one below, didn't have it on the site anymore though). Me thinks these might be good layering pieces or just on their own with some bling and sandals on a hot summer's day (which considering where I live, is bound to happen like one day in the year, but hey at least I'll be stocked for it).

And for 7 quid I threw in this tee. Can't beat that.

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  1. woah ich hab mal ein kleid genäht, dass vom stoff her GENAU so wie dieses zweite orangene bild ist :D


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