Monday, 19 April 2010

I'm afraid I might be slacking off a bit due to a massive uni catch up on everything because I have been so lazy thing.
That aside, here's a first (I think): beauty campaigns. You've got your lovely Miss Stone for Armani cosmetics (which are awesome but wicked expensive, meh) photographed by David Sims and a few vintage ones thrown in for good measure.
Enjoying the sunny days here in the UK and hope you all do too. In case you are stranded in traveller's hell due to the volcano eruption, good luck.

I know Miss Deneuve is slightly older (the only movie I've seen with her is Belle Du Jour but she was so gorgeous in it), yet I find these old Chanel adverts so mesmerising.

And lastly, a nice summery Geoffrey Beene eyewear advert

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  1. catherine deneuve is such a beauty. good luck with your uni project. i am so glad i don't have to deal with school anymore. phew... sigh of relief. love.



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