Thursday, 29 April 2010

Lovely Lanphear

Kate Lanphear, Style Director at US Elle, is a woman with my kinda style. Lots of studs, blacks, grey, navy. Always a bit dishevelled and not to mention the coolest platinum short hair I've seen in a while. Did I  ever mention that I used to have short platinum blonde hair? I know how Agyness Deyn of me. P.S.: I mean that in a negative way. Anyway my platinum would always turn into a yucky yellow colour due to lack of care aka the right shampoo, plus it was pretty high maintenance and made my whole scalp do a snake peel, so I gave up at some point. Alas, I will just be jealous of looking at Miss Lanphear's lovely locks and looks. 
Whilst looking through tfs forums for pictures I noticed a lot of people saying her style is overrated and boring. I'll admit that she does not venture far from her beloved staples, but I'd rather see this then someone adopting every effing trend thrown at us and never wearing the same piece twice. To me true style is sticking with what works for you and doing little tweaks every now and then. But then again, I think it is something that also comes with age (finding your true style), so I am all for experimenting the hell out of your wardrobe until you do find that signature style. Any thoughts on this ladies and lads?
Over and out.

A fantabulous close-up:

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  1. She is indeed amazing.
    and VERY inspiring!
    good pics!

    she turns every piece of garments into something extraordinary.
    she still looks feminine even with rocker style


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