Saturday, 8 May 2010

Are You A Shoe-ser?

I am a woman and I need shoes. A simple equation of nature, no?
Seems to me, the industry loves to capitalise on our gender's weakness of high heels.
Lucky me, I don't actually have the money to buy these shoes, ergo no way to send myself into a hellhole of debt. But could these beauties be worth it?
Some of my browsings on Net-a-Porter...

I have been kind of obsessed with finding the perfect nude coloured shoes. Jimmy Choo and Burberry don't have too shabby options (although I do dig plain patent nude coloured Louboutin heels as well).
Does the sole of these Camilla Skovgaard shoes mean I can run in them? There's only one way to find out...
I have been digging chain details as well. To your left, the ladylike version by Lanvin and to your right the badass biker chic shoes from Camilla Skovsgaard.
And in yer boots corner: the infamous Vivienne Westwwod pirate boots and some wonderfully over-embellished so they almost look like trashy cowgirl Gvinechys.

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  1. Love the last two pair of shoes (Vivienne Westwood boots and Givenchy low boots)


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