Thursday, 27 May 2010


Anyone out there who watches The Rachel Zoe Project knows who Brad Goreski is: Miss Zoe's cute, slightly geeky, but very stylish in a preppy kind of way Canadian assistant. See Exhibit A and B.

Imagine my dismay when I saw Exhibit C on Terry Richardson's Diary (I was browsing not a regular reader, ye know these things happen). Anyway, dadadadumm.....

NO BRADLEY NO NO NO!!!!! You are supposed to be the little, dopey cousin of Alber Elbaz or something, not a half naked buff-o posing for the Pirelli calendar as a fireman/gardner/something that involves suspenders. Don't say "Uncle Terry" made you do it, put on your Ralph Lauren shirt mister!
Phew, sorry for the rant, but I'd hate to see him go from the adorable, insecure fella in the first season to some "I'm fashion and special and oooohh so sexy" type. Dunno.

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