Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Magazines, Mooks and More

I love buying magazines. The smell of fresh paper, feeling the glossy pages, ah bliss. I present to you the damage of my magazine buying spree in the last month (hey, they were on sale so that always justifies a buy right?).

1. Self Magazine- nice heavy coffee table stuff. Haven't actually gotten a chance to read through any of these mags because of something in my life called uni work.

2.Purple Magazine- lots of naked stuff but otherwise very cool.

Olivier Zahm (on the left), the mag's editor, seems like a horndog to me, but maybe that's just my newfound prejudice against Terry Richardson speaking through...

3. Mode Depesche- I was intrigued because I had never heard of this German fashion magazine before. Mostly image based.

3. Twin Magazine- Got issues one and two of this mook (magazine+book) baby, can't wait for them to arrive. Somehow the fact that it's a hardback book justifies the splurge for me a little more.
Issue one is black, issue two purple (yay favourite colour). It's headed by the founder of Lula and a Vogue executive. Sounds good to me. Although I am not a big Lula fan, as it's too girly for me, I feel like this might be the perfect balance.

Images via americanapparel.com, twinfactory.co.uk and disneyrollergirl.blogspot.com

Now it's your turn dear reader: what are your favourite magazines?
 Would you be willing to spend £10+ for one issue or are you more the "read it once and throw it away" reader kind of gal?

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