Monday, 12 July 2010

Hot Couture, Literally

In the midst of extreme summer heat (we're talking around 40°C) I have been too lazy to function, hence the slow amount of posting.
So unsurprisingly, this post is about...yeah you guessed it, some more haute couture shows.

First up, Chanel. The colours and beading/embroidery work on the pieces were tres chic. Did I like the overall look of the collection? YeahNo. I like but don't love Uncle Karl.

Secondly, there was Valentino. With a younger design team at its helm the look of the brand has definitely changed, but this collection was a tad too many bows, frills, and puffs, therefore a bit on the too girly side for my taste.

There's a saying that all good things are three and putting Elie Saab third in this little listing is no exception. The rich jewel tones, the Madeleine Vionnet-esque draping, and an incredibly exquisite finale piece: Elie Saab gets my "princess dress" self every time.

And last but not least, Jean Paul Gaultier. A critic said that some of the usual drama/surprise effect was missing, but I see it as a very refined and elegant yet sexy and confident collection. The fur coats (I'm sure PETA loved those) were looking pretty snugly warm and the touch of metallics and leather were the perfect accents.

Now excuse me while I go fan my melting self, guzzle down litres of water and look for a place in the shade. I am such a winter child it is not even funny.

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