Tuesday, 6 July 2010

It's Haute Couture Time, Baby!

I blame it on the distraction through the World Cup football games (weird how it's called football in the Uk, but soccer in the US, huh?), but my little brain was well surprised by a haute couture post on Fashion Gone Rogue. I feel like I need to make myself a nice little Fashion Week calendar just so I don't forget, but okay let's face it I will never muster up the motivation to do that.
Getting back to the HC, for me it's the holy grail of fashion collections. The details, the materials, the lavish cuts, swoon! Yes it is way too expensive for 99.9 percent of us little folks, but my god does it look fucking awesome. Or to put it without swearing, it sure is the princess fairytale fashion moment. Oh god, can you hear the disgustingly cliche things coming out of my mouth/keyboard? Must stop. ASAP.
Now to put a halt to all my crap-talking, here is the entire ten piece Givenchy Fall 2010 Couture collection. Gotta start with the creme de la creme, right?
I love each dress, but number nine is especially amazing.
All those intricate details, the lace, the feathers, the sequins, make me wish I could see these beauts up close and just gawk away.
Future husband (if you are out there, I fucking hope so) if you want to get married, I am only walking down the aisle in Givenchy couture. That's all, over and out.
Okay, so that might be a little over the top, if my Mr. Right is out there, I would marry him in a potato sack...although come to think of it...the itchy fabric, the shapeless form, ugh...um not that that matters though right?.
Enough rambling for today, kids. I need more coffee.

All images via fashiongonerogue.com

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  1. Riccardo Tisci blown my mind with this collection (again)


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