Thursday, 3 December 2009

An American Apparel Mega Post (sorry!)

First and foremost I'd like to apologise because I realise that not only do I look like at total American Apparel victim, but I'm sure you guys might be getting a bit annoyed when let's say 80% of my outfit consists of AA stuff. But I did get a 20% off online purchases voucher and I can't let that go to waste now, can I?

So stuff that I like....

Some lace pieces for layering under my DIY cutout tops

Other bodies in shiny fabrics and colours

I love oversized tees and tanks. I hate having to pull at too short tops.

Or maybe I should get some snugly sweaters or striped pieces?

I do like their cardigans as chicer alternatives to hoodie jackets...

I already have two sheer pieces and really love these for layering without looking too bulky.

And in case I ever wanted to go for the more preppy/clean look (although I somehow feel that it doesn't
look good on me) I would get these pieces and succumb to the white blouse.

And here a roundup of my favourite dresses and skirts, although I highly doubt I have the figure to wear the super stretchy stuff. Oh well.

Some other stuff I like as well..... might get some hairbands for my growing out hair or the much overdue beanie hat.

What do you guys think?
What's your favourite piece?
What do you think of American Apparel in general?

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