Friday, 18 December 2009

Fashion Photography Of The Nineties

Just a couple of my favourite pictures from this photography book I had been looking at as part of research for school. Any favourites? I especially like the one of James King (she is gorgeous) and the one of Amber and Shalom, the latter of whom I think has such an interesting and unique face.
P.S. Sorry that the photo quality isn't 100 percent, I don't have a scanner.

Charles Ray, The most beautiful woman in the world

Nick Knight, Tatiana elbow on knee

Steven Meisel, Italian Vogue July 1995

Terry Richardson, Nikki and Zoe

Corinne Day, Georgina

Craig McDean, Jil Sander

Mario Sorrenti, Raina

Mario Sorrenti, Nadja

Nick Knight, Megan US Vogue 1995

Mario Sorrenti, Keren

Nan Goldin, Amanda at the sauna

Nan Goldin, James King

Craig McDean, Jil Sander 96

Mario Sorrenti, Raina

Corinne Day, Tania Court

Craig Mcdean, Midnight Cowgirl

David Sims

Craig Mcdean, Gun (I am in no way advocating guns, I think they are scary as hell, but I thought it was an interesting close-up)

Craig Mcdean, Amber And Shalom

Here a close-up of the face:

Mario Sorrenti, Keren

Corinne Day, Kate Moss

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  1. wow kate moss, before everybody knew she will last forever...


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