Saturday, 12 December 2009


Is it just me or are virtually 99.9 percent of the people on Lookbook skinny and pretty? Is it a models-only type of thing? Just wondering......I don't know, I hate the "skinny and beautiful" cliche of fashion sometimes. Yes, if you're a model you have to obviously fit in the sample sizes, but why does this have to apply to fashion editors, journalists and stylists?
What's your take on the subject?
There's my social activism for the day, now excuse while I finish breakfast hehe. Oh, and all the huge amounts of schoolwork.

Simple cozy layers.

Some fierce shoulders and bling-bling. The combination reminds me of Givenchy Fall 2008 RTW.

Appealing very strongly to my lately grey-loving self.

Love the top.

Amazing, tough yet feminine.

A little different basics.

Don't really know why I chose this. Not sure if it's the shoes, her amazing legs in those shorts or the leopard mix.

First time I've ever found a shearling jacket cool. Love the boots on bare legs look.

I guess here it was more the picture than the outfit itself which I liked, although I am a sucker for latex leggings.

Lace-y lace.

The perfect hippy look.

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  1. I sometimes think being exceptionally thin is a cop-out for having great style, because honestly, a jacket with Balmain-esque shoulders or harem pants only work on those within the heroin-chic set. Most of the people on Lookbook are pretty but few of them actually have unique style (how many of them seem to be carbon-copies of each other?!) I've toyed with the idea of posting on Lookbook , but I know that even if my request to join were approved (so pretentious, I hate that) I wouldn't post frequently... partially because I don't like taking pictures of myself and I'd feel a little insecure about my picture being posted amongst hundreds of little waifs...


  2. first of all no need to apologise for the long comment, I enjoyed reading it :)
    I have thought of joining lookbook too ( i think I sent off a request but never got an answer so....), but also feel weird about posting my picture there (I already do it very rarely on here and in most cases you can't even see my face)
    I also think its frustrating when it's "oh I can't wear that because I am not super skinny like kate moss", but I guess that's just the way it works :/


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