Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Jane "Being An Outsider Is The New Cool" Lane

Is it weird to find fashion inspiration in cartoons? Not if it's Daria in my opinion. Been watching this funny as hell old series obsessively lately. Fits my humour to a T. Anyway Jane Lane's style ain't too shabby if you ask me. Yeah she only wear one outfit the whole time but she wears it well no?

Let's go in for the hair and make-up close up:

Not too bad. Me thinks that with my previous love for dark hair and a swipe of le Russian Red lipstick from MAC... a Vidal Sassoon-esque bob, the Jane Lane look is totally do-able.

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  1. awww... what a beauty you are. and by younger days you are talking about last year, right?

    i love russian red. i lost mine and bought ruby woo to replace because i thought "oh it's going to show up eventually" well it's been two months and nothing, and the consistency of ruby woo is really waxy and weird. i want my russian red back!!!! tangents. haha.


  2. t,
    mmhh say maybe two years, I am crying for my long hair to grow back though, damnit why does it take so long?
    Russian red is awesome, ever since I saw that Drew Barrymore wore it in tha movie (Poison Ivy?) which I never actually saw but thought hey she looks pretty badass, it's kinda cult for me. Although NARS has the most amazing red ever, but i bought and lost it twice (d'oh!)
    good luck with finding your russian :)

  3. oh yeah and you are way too sweet on the beauty comment, made me blush. believe me it's just a good angle and the fact that you can hardly see my face lol

  4. Haha love this post


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