Monday, 29 March 2010


First of all, thank you everyone for your votes in the poll! Reader feedback fills my little blogger heart with joy.
Okay so deleted blog number two. Nice idea in theory, but I guess it just wouldn't work on the practical side, plus I feel embarrassed to have let my inner geek out.
Moving on (didn't you know that distraction is the best method to let people forget about something?) I have been feeling a lot of nostalgic vibes lately.
Take for example the MASH game. For all you MASH virgins, MASH stands for Mansion, Apatment, Shed and House. You make a list of five boys, five girls, five jobs, ect. basically any shit you can think of. Then you come up with a number (forgot how that part works) and voila, your future is predicted.
That being said, these predictions aren't really precise. I would somehow always end up with the boy I liked the least (I always made sure to smuggle in the name of a boy I was secretly crushing on at that moment), in the shittiest house and working as a stripper.
I just think the game is hella fun. Plus I found an online version (oh the cyber world we live in, don't fuck with the classics y'all! Just kidding) for those feeling a little scribble lazy. Here it is..
MASH night has to happen sometime soon me thinks, preferably with copious amounts of vodka and pajamas.
Have fun with it and don't drink too much naughty Kool-Aid kids!

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  1. omg. i totally forgot about that game. didn't you used to do it with those weird paper finger things? or was that a different one. i have a horrible memory but i do remember this mash situation somehow. haha.



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