Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A London/Milan Fashion Week Mash Up

Okay, so that idea of editing down the runway shows I would show ain't really gonna happen.
Here are some more goodies off the runway and just to let everyone know, I will be doing a poll on the Fashion Week posts next time to see whether everyone likes them or if they are just annoying/superfluous.

Peter Pilotto- Normally I am not the biggest fan of orange, but even pieces in that colour made me star in awe. So much going on, but that equals the perfect head turning party dress.

Jonathan Saunders- paperbag waist skirts with air vents and tricot jackets. Cool sporty pieces.

Prada- with an obvious nod to that show I have mentioned about a million times that starts with Mad and ends with Men, this is very feminine fifties stuff. Don't think the socks are too figure flattering though for normal legs.

Burberry Prorsum- the shearling jackets look awesome, I have a feeling it's going to be an It item soon.

Mark Fast- I'd love to squeeze myself into one of those crochet dresses, sigh. Plus thumbs up for using plus size models on the runway.

Charles Anastase- I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty pissed to be the first model on the left. When a designer asks you to pull a paper bag over your head, he can only be implying one thing, right?

Clements Ribeiro- If I had ever gone to a really posh school, these would have been my everyday staples.

Holly Fulton- Art Deco everyday staples goodness.

House Of Holland- Henry Holland is no couturier but he does know how to create fun, easy to wear pieces. These remind me of a nineties cheerleader.

Topshop Unique- The furry brows aside (weird) this shit looks cool.

Louise Gray- I actually looked at this collection twice before deciding to post it. It's so crazy that it somehow works, and as I feel my biological fashion time clock ticking away, I think it's now or never to wear crazy getups and clash prints so that I can get away with it (although I don't know what the excuse for a furry pink jumpsuit would be).

Todd Lynn- like a softer version of Rick Owens, me thinks. Which means I really want those leather jackets.

Moschino Cheap & Chic- whilst I find the trolley carrying a bit too kitschy on the runway (but this is Moschino we're talking about), it does make me nostalgic of wanting to dress up like a million bucks while lugging my half broke, bursting at the seams, cheap ass suitcase through the airport.

Fendi- so easygoing yet glamourous. Nice job, Karlino. I really like those tied waistbelts.

D&G- I am not really the biggest fan of this duo's design (a bit OTT for my taste at times), but I do want to snuggle up in some of their cozy apres ski sweaters and nightgown like dresses. But I am one of the worst skiers in the world so I doubt that I will actually have the proper occasion to wear this stuff, besides nursing my non athletic sorrows over a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows(mmmhhh...) in a cabin hut.

Blumarine- a cool update on the trenchcoat. This label always has some cute/cool stuff imo.

All images via style.com

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