Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Fall 2010 Ready To Wear Part 2

First of all, thank you to everyone for your sweet comments on my previous post. Your feedback means so much to me and I really appreciate it.
At this moment I am watching the live stream of the Rodarte show on showstudio.com (the sound keeps on going away though! Oh well, I don't need sound, the clothes will suffice to keep my senses happy). I could definitely get used to this live-streaming stuff. It's like sitting in the front row, except that I can be in my pyjamas and nosh on chocolate while watching the show (imagine what stares that would give me under the fashionista crowd, oh dear...)
Here are some more runway pics, hope you enjoy them :)

Diane von Fuerstenberg- I always thought DVF was a more middle thirties, wrap dress wearing sort of label, but lately I have been finding the designs fresh,youthful and cool.

Lacoste- I am shocked to include this as the rest of the collection and Lacoste in general is not my thing at all, but these cream outfits at the beginning did look quite nice.

Erin Fetherston- if you are into girly. fairylike pieces, Fetherston is your go to label.

Herve Leger- I am astonished by how many ways a tight short dress can be reworked. For anyone who has seen Germany's Next Top Model, the model in the grey dress is Vanessa Hegelmaier (she has been working the runway for one or two seasons now). The hip detailing reminds me of the Empire State Building.

Thakoon- glamourous nomad fashion. I really like this one.

L.A.M.B.- I know the topic of celebrities as designers is a nauseating one, but in my opinion none of them beat Gwen Stefani. Yes, she isn't a Karl Lagerfeld, but she has more style credibility in her fingertips than any  L.A. starlet has in her entire size zero body.

VPL- This is what I understand under layered Fall/Winter goodness. Slouchy relaxed for the day and sequins/feathers at night.

Philosophy- Amish country girl meets sexy sheerness.

Malandrino- As you might tell by the amount of outfits I crammed in for this one, I really really like it. The draped silhouettes and the black monkey fur. Enough said.

All images via style.com

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