Wednesday, 24 February 2010

London Fashion Week

In the past, I felt like London was always seen as the 'weak' Fashion Week, and maybe it's just my 'hometown' pride speaking but I think LFW kicks ass.

Erdem- typical digi-prints that the label does so well and a little more toned down colours to suit the autumn mood.
Vivienne Westwood Red Label- the fact that I mentioned VW must be a sign that London is growing on me, as Madame Westwood is THE SHIT here and I didn't really care too much for her designs before (for her personality though, anyone crazy enough to go knickerless to see the queen, hats off to you!)
Roksanda Ilincic- really feminine beautiful stuff that could fit into a 1940s socialite's closet.
Antonio Berardi-graphic sexy stuff and I am really starting to kinda like this velvet stuff all over the runways.

Christopher Kane- Heidi meets bad Catholic schoolgirl. But how about more than just dresses Mr. K? Although those shoes are awesome...

Richard Nicoll- I would stuff every piece from this collection in my closet, which kinda scares me because I feel like a have a bit of an old taste for my age and I mean I can dress older when I'm older, so I kinda feel this is more the time to let my inner freak flag fly. What a fashion crisis mmmhh...
Matthew Williamson- What does Mr. Caftan/hippie dress create for the winter? Cute little party dresses. Duh.
Louise Goldin- architectural shaped awesomeness
Julien Macdonald- a D- for work-appropriateness (nipple action doesn't really cut it for the workplace, unless you are working in those kinda places), but a B+ for prettiness
Mary Katrantzou- love love this collection, amazing prints, clashing colours and it still works.
Marios Schwab- nice added in deets and silhouettes

Meadham Kirchhoff- this somehow struck my "9-year old girl playing dress up" nerve and it feels so 'underground' somehow (I know stupid/cliche description for something but I hope someone out there gets me weird ticking mind).
Basso & Brooke- digital prints galore, but that's about it (still good though, but with the background print it makes me feel epileptic).
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  1. abgefahren, soviele muster habe ich echt selten auf einen haufen gesehen xD

  2. i could really care less about fashion week in general and can't wait until this month is over, but let me tell you london knows how to do it up and do it right. all the images i've been seeing of the london shows top any of the nyfw shoes. wow! oh and thank you for the images. i didn't mean the fashion week thing personally. i appreciate the time you are taking to put up these pics and i adore your blog, you know that!! it's that damn anger of mine taking over. ahhhh!!!


  3. Charlie,
    danke für einen weiteren treuen Besuch :)

    I know you didn't mean it personally, I also find it a bit crazy how it's just runway shows, fashion, clothes, fashion for weeks on end and can understand how one gets kinda sick of it, I guess for some reason I can't help myself with posting it. thank you for the sweet compliments hun' and i adore your blog as well.


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