Sunday, 21 February 2010

Road Trip

Although I'm regretting the fact that I haven't been trying to get in on the Fashion Week madness in my local London (although I did have "official" stuff to do so can't really change that), I needed a little non-catwalk post breather.
My inner nomad (if I have one) loved the theme of this editorial shot by Arthur Elgort for American Vogue and the fact that it featured Karlie Kloss (alongside Abbey Lee Kershaw and Patricia van der Vliet).
Concerning my first point, a road trip in a Mustang convertible across the U.S. is in the top three of my "Things I Have To Do At One Point In My Life Otherwise I Will Regret That I Never Did Them" list.
Regarding the latter, after watching all the catwalk shows, young Miss Kloss stood out one the runway for me. Something about her face seems special to me, but  I guess only time will tell if she'll be on it for the long run.

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