Thursday, 4 February 2010

Runway Retrospective: Alexander McQueen

For the person who voted "Yes" in the poll, this one's for you ;)
McQueen, known as the  English Enfant Terrible, isn't just all crazy antics and outrageous getups. Flicking through each collection, I found that Alexander McQueen combines razor sharp tailoring (thanks to working in Saville Row and studying at Central Saint Martins), a knack for romanticism (see his hauntingly beautiful gowns in each collection) and the courage to go all out in what he does (he had me at "Faberge egg handbag"). Like wine, McQueen is just getting better with age.

Spring 2001- mostly neutrals, but already a sign of McQueen's love for feathers

Fall 2001- lots of black and navy, whilst showing a love for dramatic evening gowns

Spring 2002- half knitted dresses, in prints reminiscent of Comme des Garcons

Fall 2002- leather harnesses and masks, in creams, browns, black and a splash of metallic



Spring 2003- hobo hippie cool

Fall 2003- part Roman, part Victorian, part psychedelic references

Spring 2004- letting his models get a good workout by dancing instead of just walking down the runway, McQueen lets jazz clubs from the twenties come to mind

Fall 2004-  who knew neutrals could be so beautiful?

Spring 2005- probably the most preppy collection, in sherbet colours with a doll-like spirit

Fall 2005- glamourous Hitchcock heroines (me likes)

Spring 2006- a dash of Versace with the gelled back hair and lots of skin, me thinks

Fall 2006- romantic Neo-Victorian

Spring 2007- doing what he does best: amazing evening gowns that must take a shitload of time and effort to produce (and that I REALLY want to see up close in real life)

Fall 2007- Cleopatra makeup and outfits



Spring 2008- the collection containing my favourite McQueen dress ever: the rainbow coloured feather dress (see row three).




Fall 2008-birth of the Faberge egg bag (in row three with the third outfit from the left). I admire a designer that can take references from centuries ago and still make them look new.

Resort 2009- I guess optical illusion is the word here?


Spring 2009- the shattered crystal prints and stone sequins!

Pre Fall 2009- the cooler version of the English countryside dame.

Fall 2009- pout pout pout. Oh, and some houndstooth prints.

Resort 2010- paint splattered trousers, metallics and cool prints.


Spring 2010- Plato's Atlantis, 'nuff said. The meanest high heels in the world and a breathtaking concept.


I'm excited to see what Mr. McQueen will create next....

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  1. ich war vor ein paar jahren in eine ballett aufführung von Mozarts zauberflöte, und die meisten dieser kleider errinern mich stark an die kostüme!!


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