Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Couture Roundup: Part Two

Givenchy and Chanel (drool).

 I have to admit I wasn't totally over the moon with this Spring 2010 Couture collection by Mr. Tisci. I do like it, I just don't love it, although the pieces are beautiful and the work done on the sequinned suits is insane (okay I think I am starting to love it, talk about a quick change of mind). Nonetheless, I guess it's nearly impossible to top his last haute couture collection with all the crazy gold jewellery, spiked headbands and flow-y goodness.

Moving on to Chanel. I always ask myself how Uncle Karl can have so many ideas in that little head of his, year in year out, for the Chanel, Fendi and his own collections; it almost seems to me like he is not human. There was quite a bit of colour in this collection and I recommend looking at the whole collection because everything in it is so pretty, feminine and perfect spring couture.

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