Saturday, 16 January 2010

Did Giambattista Valli secretly hear my "I want a big Margiela-seque fuzzy coat" wishes?

Not that I could afford them now, but you know. Some other beautiful pieces from the collection.

Feather, fur degrade tweed and Valentino-red dresses (although it's probably fashionably incorrect to say that Valli made Valentino coloured dresses, but that's what they reminded me off.)
Speaking of Valentino, anyone seen the documentary Valentino:The Last Emperor? I watched it online but without subtitles for the Italian so I basically understood 10 percent of the film. Anyway, the man has SIX pugs! Pugs are the dogs that I have been infatuated with for years. Those wrinkly, squished-up faces are just the cutest thing I ve ever seen. So if you own a pug watch out, I just might steal him or her. And name her Lola. That's right I've even already thought of the name my future pug will have. Now if only I lived in a house that allowed pets. Hmmmm....the mind ponders.

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  1. They are definitely very beautiful pieces!! Unfortunately I have not seen this documentary, sounds like very interesting, I have to see it!


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